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If a beauty comes with claim of me
Tangle it in silver threads I will
Of lights of moons that rose and fell
The soft of every petal touched
Strands of silken Summer blush
The damp of grape wet by the dews
For wines the love crushed love of you,
So if Beauty comes to me
Declaring a propriety
For gifts of earth Earth’s given me
I’ll admit my slavery.
But go with Beauty will I not
Unless Beauty hears my plea
For I will tell her of my braids
I twined in my you new made
In this world stark made for graves
Beauty weaved I long ago
Knotted to my breath’s own soul
Heart of your love that I knew
Of beauty was enough for me
If Beauty comes with claim you see
I’ll say of Beauty I’ve no need
But for the beauty that is thee,
And of Beauty I’ll eschew
For all that I find Beautiful
Is beautiful the beauty that is you

July 27, 1998

Poems Unrequited Blog: If A Beauty Comes love poem by Desmond.

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