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8 Essential Insider Tips for Anyone New to LA

Eight years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles. My impression of the City of Angels had been shaped by gossip magazines, which at the time were splashed with photos of Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. I thought to survive this city I needed designer jeans, a small dog and a drinking problem (check, check check). No, but seriously… I quickly learned how down-to-earth and inspiring Angelenos can be– and some of the amusing and unusual unspoken etiquette rules of the incredible place I love and loathe. Transplants, take note if you want to survive this city. Read the rest.

Vows to Take Now to Survive Parenthood Together

My fiancee and I are raising our beautiful and rambunctious daughter in a non-traditional setting. We are going on our fifth year of dating, fourth year of living together and second year of raising our unexpected and cherished daughter. While we haven’t yet taken the leap to say “I do” in the form of marriage vows, our commitment to our family and mutual respect for each other is hopefully reflected through our actions. This got me thinking, what promises would I have made had we expressed parents-to-be vows? Read the rest.

Celebrate Staychella: Things to Do in LA While The Youth is at Coachella

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Los Angeles when The Youth leaves town for Coachella and the rest of us can bask in the absence of about a third of the population. Celebrate Staychella during which traffic is reasonable, brunch wait times are reduced and Silverlake is barren. It’s nearly as empty in this town as it is during Christmas season, but the weather is betterRead the rest.

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Social Media republic

Social media tools for the fashion industry

7 Ideas for How to Use Instagram’s New Multi-Image Feature

Brands now have the option to upload multiple photos to Instagram! Take advantage of the new feature because my guess is that Instagram’s algorithm will favor this multi-upload option for the coming weeks.How can fashion brands take advantage of Instagram’s new multi-image feature? Here are 7 content ideas… read the rest.

20 Fashion Brand Instagram Accounts to Mimic in 2017

Looking for social media content inspiration for your fashion brand? Look no further than these accounts. International brands like Adidas, H&M and Zara are known for their mega follower counts (the only fashion brands that top the 25-most-followed Instagram accounts as of December 2016). But this curated list goes beyond the fashion brands with a pre-established international following. Read the rest.



Design and business trends, company news and more.


4 Reasons Branded Merchandise is Good for Business

With all the challenges that come with running a company, it’s easy to feel as if branded merchandise is an unnecessary expense. Your corporate logo, website, printed materials and collateral might feel like an afterthought. But, here are four reasons why they shouldn’t be. Read the rest.

Maskcara Kicks off Selling Program with JN Agency’s DS Launch Kits & eStores

JN Agency was thrilled to recently partner with beauty blogger-turned-entrepreneur Cara Brook for the launch of her Artist-repped beauty line, Maskcara, offering distributor kits and branded e-commerce store solutions for her new sales team.

Brook was featured in NY Times for parlaying her social media success into a business venture back in 2014– and her business has only grown since. While Brook has sold beauty products on her blog Maskcara.com in the past, she’s taken her business to new heights by transforming loyal fans into direct selling sales reps a.k.a. Maskcara “Artists.” Read the rest.

FIDM Digital arts blog

Wrote 500+ articles relating to creative professionals in the visual and digital arts.

Graphic Design Trendwatch: Edgy, Flashy Temporary Tattoos are on the Rise

A whole new career opportunity has opened up for graphic designers in the area of temporary tattoos thanks to brands like Tattify, Tattly and Flash Tattoos that are ramping up the noncommittal body art market. The New York Times mentioned this rising trend earlier this year, citing new methods for achieving permanent watercolor and 3-D versions of traditional tattoos, with a nod to the shimmering jewelry-inspired temporary Flash Tattoos worn by the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens and Béyonce. Flash Tattoos’ metallic designs have a glamorous, modern vibe and reflect some serious fashion sensibility with tribal, Native and Egyptian-inspired styles, and last up to six days, according to their site. Read the rest.

Catching up with grammy award-winning art director kevin reagan

Three-time Grammy Award-winning art director Kevin Reagan has shaped the images of prolific musical artists for the past 25 years, designing album packaging for Madonna, Dixie Chicks, Beck, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, B.B. King, Enrique Iglesias, Henry Rollins, Nelly Furtado, Sheryl Crow, The Who, Tupac Shakur (to name a few), and most recently, James Taylor.

The FIDM Digital Arts team was thrilled to catch up with Reagan, who is not only an art director and designer for high-profile projects like Taylor’s “Before this World” album, but also a lead Graphic Design Instructor at FIDM. Read the rest.


awards & recognition (FIDM Digital Arts Blog)

Webby Award – Official Honoree for the Best Visual Design – Aesthetic

w3 Gold Winner in the Website Features – Visual Appeal category

Communication Arts' “Webpick of the Day"

GD USA's American Web Design Awards – College & University category

Email marketing, product/ecommerce & corporate branding

“Mani’s copywriting was very pivotal. [It’s useful] to have a well of copy that breaks down the fibers of our brand. To this day we utilize her copy as the foundation of our voice for the brand, specifically on a B2B level. Thanks for everything.”

Daniel Kasidi

Founder/CEO, Rastaclat


Copwriting to launch a new line of bracelets by southern California accessories brand, Rastaclat. The project included email marketing, product descriptions, a press release and blog post announcement to launch their new slim-fit bracelet called the Miniclat.

Mass Email:

Company Blog Post:

Rastaclat welcomes the #MiniTribe into the #CLATLIFE with the MiniClat Classic Shoelace Bracelet. In response to overwhelming demand, we’ve launched the MiniClat – a smaller, slim-fit version of our Classic Bracelet. The MiniClat Collection offers six colorways with product names that hint at classic small-but-mighty reminders of our youth. Take a look at how the MiniClat size compares with our original Classic Bracelet shown above. Made of 100 percent polyester fabric and alloy hardware, we invite you to check out all of our new MiniClat styles at Rastaclat.com

Welcome to the #MINITRIBE.

Product Descriptions


Slim in frame, bold in spirit, the NAPOLEON #MiniClat will not be ignored. Explore our slim-fit take on the Classic Bracelet. Welcome to the #MINITRIBE.


The wait is over: introducing the new slim-fit Rastaclat Mini Collection featuring the GOONY #MiniClat for the brave and adventurous. The perfect companion for you and your #MINITRIBE.


Rastaclat welcomes the #MINITRIBE into the #CLATLIFE. Step up and join the tribe with the new BIG LEAGUE #MiniClat, a slim-fit take on our Classic Bracelet.


One for now, one for later. Introducing the NOW LATER #MiniClat. One is never enough. Explore our slim-fit take on the Classic Bracelet. Welcome to the #MINITRIBE.


Small in size, big in vibes: Rastaclat presents the new slim-fit MACARON #MiniClat. Welcome to the #MINITRIBE.


profiles & interviews

A Concert And A Word With Brazilian Rockers Cruz

LA I’m Yours

For those elitists who consider North Hollywood the border at which hip events dissipate, provide me a momentary benefit of the doubt. As a Valley Village resident myself, even I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled into an interesting and edgy crowd in my own backyard at an NRG Recording Studios event where I had the pleasure of experiencing a live studio performance by LA-based Brazilian rock band, Cruz.

Read the rest.

A Day in the life of blogger bri emery of design love fest

 FIDM Digital Arts Blog

It’s sunrise and while most of us are likely sleeping, FIDM Alumna Brieanne “Bri” Emery is glued to her computer, working on her latest project, which could be anything from designing a logo, to laying out the pages in a magazine. 

Read the rest.


Pivotal punk rock photographer ed colver at fidm

FIDM Digital Arts Blog

FIDM was honored to host famed punk rock photographer Edward Colveras an industry guest during Winter finals week. Colver’s photographs helped to define the punk rock/hardcore era, many of which were printed in magazines and used as album covers for monumental bands such as Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, Wasted Youth, Circle Jerks, and NOFX (… and the list goes on and on).

Read the rest.

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