Pongua Falls, Vietnam

Fare thee well now
One midnight horn calls
So I shall travel after
Following the smoke on the tracks
Down dark’s ribcage
Into the starglow

Remember me when the mist burns
When heat of day afloat goes
Trembling over the wild hay

I too passed along this way
Embraced and embracing
I roamed in the wind’s kiss
In day’s dews bathed

I was young when grief came
Too when love I claimed
My share of the fruit partook
Returned to me was all of this
I gave away, not craved

To bed of wheat
To silk of dream my weave
I got to the moonwash spilled
Plucking tears so to be filled
My hands of nectars soothed and stilled

Goodbye, goodbye
I will know you by your eyes
My luring breeze now flies
So to sleep bow I my sighs

Written November 15, 1995

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