Here’s your way to catch up on all-the-political-things, quickly and for free if the headlines in your Facebook Newsfeed have informed most of your election knowledge.

Doesanyone else feel like this has been the longest presidential election cycle of all time? Since when have we followed along with not only the main election, but also the primaries? It’s exhausting. Personally I started to zone out when there were up to 16 Republicans vying for their party’s nomination. It was all too much to keep up with (at first, anyway).

With the first Presidential debate airing tonight at 9 p.m. EST,  it’s time for you to care. Here’s your way to catch up on all-the-political-things, quickly and for free if the headlines in your Facebook Newsfeed have informed most of your election knowledge. These outlets are more digestible than traditional press like The New York Times if you’re the type to spend more time perusing celebrity Instagram feuds than current political events (no judgement).

Use these articles to get informed before the candidates go head-to-head tonight.


I’m here to advocate for Buzzed for being far more than a quiz website. Their coverage of news, current events and politics is fantastic and palatable for any Millennial.
Mani O'Brien

Mani O'Brien

Storyteller and Virgo

LA-based social media marketer and brand journalist Mani O’Brien spends her downtime raising a small human and ranting on this blog. Here you’ll find frequent cursing, a self-indulgent analysis of her 30-something existence as a mother, Millennial, digital marketer, almost-wife and astrology-obsessed feminist.

Peruse all the articles in their Politics section under Buzzfeed News. One of my favorite long-form pieces is Inside the Fraternity of Haters and Losers Who Drove Donald Trump to the GOP Nomination… a thorough and humorous follow up to the now infamous 36 Hours on the Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump, both by McKay Coppins. Their podcast No One Knows Anything is pretty great, too.

The Skimm

I hate email, but The Skimm is an exception.

My sister mentioned our obsession with daily news email subscription The Skimm in a previous post and our mutual admiration goes beyond the inbox. Founded by former newsroom ladies Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, The Skimm offers a concise and often humorous overview of the previous days’ news headlines. It’s brief morning read that truly keeps you looped in on current events, politics, social just issues, celebrity gossip and more.

Beyond the daily reads, The Skimm also offers robust, well-designed, well-researched “guides” on  intricate issues including this year’s election. Browse their Skimm the Vote election guide for a full run-down.

NPR Politics Podcast

This podcast is the BEST. NPR reporters Sam Sanders, White House correspondent Tamara “Tam” Keith, political reporter Scott Detrow, political editor Domenico Montanaro, campaign reporter Asma Khalid, and editor/correspondent Ron Elving get together to chat about the latest political headlines all the while explaining the context for the layman. This podcast comes out every Thursday with a weekly round-up of the top headlines from the campaign trail, and more.

Download the podcast here.

Pssst… are you still not sure how to download podcasts? It’s okay. You’re not alone. Here’s a play-by-play for how to download/subscribe if you have an iPhone:

1) Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone. This comes standard on your phone and you probably nestled it into a folder with the Stocks app and others you don’t use (see right).

2) Tap on Search icon and type in “NPR Politics” (in the lower right-hand corner as seen below). You should see a screen like this:

3) You’ll click on any of the NPR Politics icons and then click the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button (shown in the upper-right as seen below). You should be able to access all episodes under the “My Podcasts” menu from here on out.

Bonus Read: Lenny Letter

Here goes any attempt to be bipartisan, but in case you missed Lena Dunham’s interview with Hillary Clinton on the (amazing) email-meets-magazine Lenny Letter, you can check that out here.


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