Do You Have the Grit

“Actually I have this thesis that the world runs on luck, the question is what you do with it. Everyone gets lucky for some amount in their life, and the question is, are you alert enough to know you’re becoming lucky? Are you talented enough to take that advantage and run with it? And, do you have enough grit? Do you have enough resilience to stay with it when it gets hard? The difference between people who succeed in the long run, and the people who don’t is, frankly, that optimism. [The feeling that] you got lucky… and now it’s yours to make awesome.”

Quote from an interview with Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on one of my favorite podcasts– NPR’s “How I Built This” with Guy Raz (sidebar… how amazing is that name?). So inspiring.

So, do I have the grit?

Meh, I guess.

Mani O'Brien

Mani O'Brien

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